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As the centre is a parent-run cooperative, it is expected that all families will contribute to the running, decision-making and maintenance of the centre.

Working bees and general meetings provide opportunities for families to be involved in their child’s environment, contribute to decisions about the centre and develop friendships with other families. The participation of parents at the centre has enabled the children to enjoy a centre with a wide range of facilities both indoors and outdoors.

Families are required to complete one garden roster per year as part of their cooperative duties. Garden duty is fun and you can bring the children along to help out.

Jobs to be completed include:

  • Sweep or use centre blower on all pathways in the big yard, babies yard, board walk and front courtyard.

  • Sweep out and tidy both cubbies in the big yard and babies yard.

  • Rake tanbark area under swings in the big yard.

  • Rake both sand pits big yard and babies yard.

Completion of coop duties results in refunding of the cooperative levy in December.

Coop duties: Service
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