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Our staff are extremely dedicated and committed to caring for and educating the children within our Centre.

We have up to 20 staff members on duty each day and on occasion may have students participating in practical placements throughout the year.


We have both long serving staff who bring a depth of life experience, as well more recent additions to the Centre who further enhance the learning environment for children.

The lack of staff turnover at ECCC provides stability and continuity of care for the children and helps to make the environment feel like an extended family!

Our educators: What We Do

ECCC staff, also known as Educators, are passionately committed to providing children with a safe and nurturing environment. The staff take a genuine interest in the children's lives and work together with families to ensure that there are many opportunities for children to explore new challenges and positive learning experiences.

Bringing together a range of life experiences and professional expertise, the staff deliver an exceptionally high standard of care, that endear them to both the children and the families who form the ECCC community.

Staff qualifications include: Certificate III, Diploma and Bachelor of Early Childhood as well as Emergency Asthma Management, Level 2 First Aid, CPR and Anaphylaxis Child Protection Training.

The Educators at ECCC are highly trained Early Childhood Professionals with a wide variety of strengths and backgrounds and undertake regular professional development and training. All our educators have a passion for providing supportive and nurturing environments for children and families and respect that each learning journey is unique and precious.

ECCC has a strong focus on ensuring that current industry best practice is utilised within the centre. Staff undertake regular in-service training and personal performance reviews to ensure they continue to provide the highest level of care and education thereby ensuring they are leaders in the early childhood field.

ECCC offers a funded kindergarten program delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher.

Staff are employed in line with the Professional Standards Award and the Educational Teacher Award 2010.

Our educators: Text
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