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Organic, home-style cooking

At ECCC we pride ourselves on providing our children with healthy nutritional meals. We have a seasonal rotating menu that we provide the children with different textures, flavours and cuisine.
We are fortunate at ECCC to be able to use organic meat from Cherry Tree Organics, fruit and vegetables from Organic Origins when possible who are local suppliers.

By using in season produce this gives us a good base to be creative with our menu planning. We plan our menus based on the healthy eating pyramid and the guidance of Nutrition Australia to cover all food groups by ensuring that each child is getting a well balanced home cooked meal each day.

The centre is nut and egg aware and specific dietary requirements are followed and where necessary a substitute is provided.

The children are provided with breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack.

Our babies are offered a bowl of steamed vegetables followed by the main meal. We also promote healthy teeth by offering the children cheese and apple after their main meal.

Our educators provide a supportive and enjoyable environment at meal times by sitting with the children and sharing a daily meal. Educators provide the children with the opportunity to begin to make healthy meal choices and develop independence with meal routines.

We also have a small vegetable garden in the centre that the children help to maintain with the educators. The children are encouraged to pick the vegetables when ready, so they may try for tasting or use in the main meal of the day. This gives the children a better understanding of food and were it comes from.

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